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Why don’t Brits celebrate 4th of July?

Was over there a couple days before going to Europe, was there during the 4th of July, and we couldn’t find any fireworks stands anywhere in the London/Metro area, WTF? We were totally pissed off-(no bottle rockets, lady fingers, black cats, snakes, roman candles, sparklers, etc) Asked a couple people to help us out to [...]

RATE MY SHOW: Friday Night SmackDown Episode #21?

****PLEASE COMMENT, RATE MATCHES, AND RATE OVERALL***** May 25, 2012 **Promo on Kofi Kingston and Tyler Black running down to the ring and causing the CM Punk-Christian World Title Match at No Mercy last Sunday Segment #1: Kofi Kingston’s music hits and he walks to the ring, he gets a mixed reaction. He grabs a [...]

Is WWE pushing Sheamus like a freight train?!?!!?! + BQ?

Who bought Sheamus to receive that rocket type of push? The guy almost arrive the other day and now he is #1 contender for the most prestigious title of WWE, the WWE title?!?! And what about him destroying wrestlers and retiring them like how he did with Jamie Noble? And Jesse Ventura is right, that [...]

Would you dress up to go to a ….?

… a benefit?! I was invited to attend a co-worker’s sister-in-law’s benefit at a museum tonight. Unfortunately, I completely forgot about this when I picked up my clothes today. Today’s “Casual Friday” dress code at the office so I’m wearing a hot pink cotton sweater, black faded jeans and a pair of black boots (Rocket [...]

What was the nmae of the black and white movie about a mortuary and cemetary in Los Angeles in 1962.?

Had a whole host of characters in it like Liberace. Was politically incorrect and dark comedy. Paul Williams played a boy who shot of model rockets. Chosen Answer: “The Loved One” by: gfogler on: 21st July 06