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Any `funny anime to watch?

I’ve already watch: Azumanga Daioh Ouran host Green Green Fruit Basket Juggle Delux School Rumble the walflower love complex excel saga school days final approach sumomomo momomo Battle Programmer Shirase Sister Princess Ranma 1/2 FMP eyeshield slam dunk edo rocket ah my goddess chobit history’s strongest diciple Kenichi Honey and Clover Maburaho Tenjou Tenge Today [...]

Playoff Time NBA, Rockets Question.?

Very interesting scenerio developed going into the final day of reg. season involving playoff position in the West. Rockets are at home vs Clippers to finish, Jazz are IN San Antone to play Spurs. Here are the scenerios. Lets first assume Rockets win at home vs Clippers. Finish 55-27. 5th seed no matter what right. [...]