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Any `funny anime to watch?

I’ve already watch: Azumanga Daioh Ouran host Green Green Fruit Basket Juggle Delux School Rumble the walflower love complex excel saga school days final approach sumomomo momomo Battle Programmer Shirase Sister Princess Ranma 1/2 FMP eyeshield slam dunk edo rocket ah my goddess chobit history’s strongest diciple Kenichi Honey and Clover Maburaho Tenjou Tenge Today [...]

looking for a cute, romance, funny…supernatural anime.?

Like the title says, I’m searching for an anime to watch. Lately I’ve been in a really new series kind of mood and I’m looking for something to watch while I’m chilling out. Right now, I’m craving something cute, romantic, funny AND supernatural-ish (doesn’t have to be vampires, werewolves etc. can be anything strange and [...]