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How to start a website?

For a few years now I’ve wanted to start a website for photography, both selling my photos and offering editing and professional photo prints. Now what I mean is if someone sees a picture of mine they’d like to have they can pay to have it printed and shipped in whatever size to their home. [...]


Why does Houston have home court advantage in this series over Utah? Utah had more wins and won the division. So how come the Rockets get to host a 7th game if it goes that far? Chosen Answer: utah does not have more wins than houston. houston has 55 wins in the regular season, utah [...]

Playoff Time NBA, Rockets Question.?

Very interesting scenerio developed going into the final day of reg. season involving playoff position in the West. Rockets are at home vs Clippers to finish, Jazz are IN San Antone to play Spurs. Here are the scenerios. Lets first assume Rockets win at home vs Clippers. Finish 55-27. 5th seed no matter what right. [...]