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Sudden loss of drive?

A couple days ago I was hosting a party. Later into the night I saw the girl I’m attracted to making out with the first girl I’d ever kissed. This memory keeps flashing through my mind. Now I’ve noticed I have no drive to do ANYTHING with one exception… I don’t want to game. I [...]

What Are Your WPS Selections and Comments for The G1 Champagne Stks?

Belmont Park Champagne Stks G1 For 3 Year olds/ 1 Mile Sat. Race 9 Post:5:18 Est. Must Pick one Horse to Win one Horse to Place and one Horse to Show to Qualify for Best Answer Hosting for Sandra S, Who had a problem Posting. Past Performances will be Posted when Available. Entries: 1. No [...]

What shooter vs. goalie matchup would you pay to see?

Last season, there was a game at the Prudential Center, New Jersey Devils hosting Washington Capitals. The game ended up lousy, the Devils playing like garbage, the Caps winning 4-0. But there was one moment that made sitting through it worth the : Alexander Ovechkin got the puck, and pretty much had a breakaway on [...]

And we’re hosting the Olympics?

The chaos following the opening of Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 is only the most recent in a long history of failure of the UK to get any major project right. We can remember the Dome fiasco, the Wembley Stadium disaster, the Passport Office computer fiasco, and many, many others in which the project was completed [...]

how you will get web hosting?

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