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What do you think about NBA contraction?

Would it be good for the NBA? If so, which teams do you contract? If you look at the NBA in the 1980-81 season there were 23 teams and six teams (unlike eight currently) per conference made the playoffs. Has the league become watered down due to expansion? Lets take it team by team. Which [...]

What shooter vs. goalie matchup would you pay to see?

Last season, there was a game at the Prudential Center, New Jersey Devils hosting Washington Capitals. The game ended up lousy, the Devils playing like garbage, the Caps winning 4-0. But there was one moment that made sitting through it worth the : Alexander Ovechkin got the puck, and pretty much had a breakaway on [...]

What does “cold hard reality” mean?

The “cold hard reality” in the twelveth sentence, I think it means “robots are coming to reality”, and the “cold, hard” refers to robots because they’re made of steel. But my teacher insisted that “cold, hard reality” means the real “ruthless, difficult reality”. I think she’s wrong! The entire article never mentioned about how difficult [...]

Can you tell me if any of these books are good?

Okay my grandpa told me if I read 35 books this summer he will get me a new laptop. I made a list but I was wondering if you read any of these books and think they are great or if they were really bad. Can you give me a few suggestions? Thank you in [...]

I need an english dubbed anime made after 2004, no robot fighters, naruto, inuyasha, bleach, or all fighting?

Here’s What I’ve Already Seen: Muahahaha: 5 Centimeters Per Second (movie) Air (TV)Good Air Gear (TV)Very good Angel Beats! (TV)Masterpiece Azumanga Daioh (TV)Good Baka and Test – Summon the Beasts (TV) Black Butler (TV)Masterpiece Black Butler II (TV)Masterpiece Black Cat (TV)Very good Chaos;HEAd (TV) Chobits (TV)Very good Chrono Crusade (TV)Masterpiece Clannad (TV)Masterpiece Clannad After Story [...]