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I need to know the name of a 90′s era racing computer game.?

When I was a kid, I borrowed a racing game from a friend for about a couple of months. I was hooked onto the game like nicotine. since then though, I unfortunately forgot it. It was a windows 95 era racing computer game hosted and narrated by a nascar racer. I played it on my [...]

How to get around a server ban in warhawk?

I’ve played warhawk for 2 yrs now and I see all types of unexplainable events. The one that bother me the most being a server host are all the lag switching, glitching, purposely teamkilling A$$HOLES that I “BAN”. Then they some how come back into the server everytime, and I will spend a whole game [...]

What was the nmae of the black and white movie about a mortuary and cemetary in Los Angeles in 1962.?

Had a whole host of characters in it like Liberace. Was politically incorrect and dark comedy. Paul Williams played a boy who shot of model rockets. Chosen Answer: “The Loved One” by: gfogler on: 21st July 06